It is no exaggeration to say that your personal statement may be the most important document you have written to date. With ever improving exam results and record numbers of A and A* grades across the country, producing a strong personal statement is one of the few things you can do to set yourself apart from your peers.

Our personal statement services are designed to help take the stress out of this step in applying to university.


Applying to UCAS  

The UCAS application procedure is fairly straightforward, and is described in detail on their website.

Applicants should first look into the courses and universities available and decide to which they wish to apply. It is important to bear in mind that many courses have entry requirements that must be met if applications are to be considered.

Having decided which courses they wish to apply to, applicants must register with UCAS online. They will then be able to fill in the application form. This involves supplying necessary personal details, student finance arrangements, course choices, and educational history.

Applicants must then write and include a personal statement. This is the most difficult part of the application process, and the one that Personal Statement Pro’s services are designed to help with. Our bespoke personal statement editing and example personal statement writing services will allow you to submit a personal statement that reflects your skills, abilities and enthusiasms in the best possible light.

Finally, applicants send their applications off. References will then be added by their nominated referees – usually teachers from their school – and a small fee paid. Most applications have to be submitted by 15th January, although there are some exceptions.


The main exceptions to the January 15th deadline are applications to the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and applications to medicine, veterinary medicine and dentistry. For all of these courses, the deadline for application is 15th October. The reason for this is that these courses are highly competitive, and look to interview as many of the applicants as possible in order to provide additional information for the selection process. 

The competitiveness of these courses, and the fact that they interview applicants, make the personal statement if anything more important: it is essential to have a strong personal statement to further your chances of reaching the interview stage, and the contents of your personal statement are likely to form at least part of the basis of your interview.


Notable Dates

September – Applications begin from mid-September.

October 15th – Applications for Oxford, Cambridge, medicine, dentistry and veterinary courses due.

January 15th – Applications for UCAS due.

February 25th – Extra begins.

March 24th – Applications for some art and design courses due.


Don’t wait until the last minute before getting your personal statement edited or example statement written – you will feel more relaxed if you send your personal statement off early.


Need Help Choosing Your Course, or Deciding Whether You Should Go To University?

For some, choosing what to study or whether to go on to higher education is the hardest decision they have to make.

If you know you want to go to university, but need help choosing your course, click UCAS search tool for available courses based on your interests and location.

If you are still unsure of what you would like do with your life, UCAS have a useful page to help you make up your mind.

Once you have settled on your preferred course of action, we are ready to help with your personal statement.


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