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For over a decade, Personal Statement Pro has been the first choice for students looking to improve their personal statements.
We understand that writing a personal statement can be daunting – what do you put in it? How do you write it? How do you make it stand out? Our experienced editors are experts in improving and writing personal statements, and will give you exactly the assistance you need to make yours shine.
We draw our pool of editors from lecturers, tutors and academics at the UK’s elite universities, so they know at first-hand what makes a good personal statement. Each editor will make informed improvements specific to your subject and your application and draw on their years of experience to help to produce a polished, individual personal statement.

How We Help

Many students find writing a personal statement difficult. They have never had to write anything like it before, and can struggle to establish the right tone or to avoid being gimmicky or boring. Without the right advice – be it from teachers, parents or Personal Statement Pro – personal statements risk seeming something between bland and embarrassing.
Given the importance of the personal statement and the many pitfalls associated with writing it, it makes sense to look for help. Personal Statement Pro,and our team of editors and writers, have the experience and the expertise necessary to raise your personal statement above the crowd.

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Personal Statement Editing

Our Personal Statement Editing service is designed to improve your personal statement.

We ensure your writing is error free and appropriate in both style and tone.

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Personal Statement Writing

Our Personal Statement Writing service is intended for clients who don’t know where or how to start writing their personal statement, or don’t have time to produce it to the necessary high standard.

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Oxbridge | Medical | Law

A Specialist Personal Statement Editing or Personal Statement Writing service for students applying to study at either the University of Oxford, Cambridge University, or for those intending to study Medicine or Law.

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