The Importance of Getting It Right

The UCAS system has several peculiarities. It is a system in which candidates are represented by their grades, their personal statements, and their references. Despite ever-increasing grade inflation, the primary determinant for admission is still candidates’ grades. In a world where A and A* grades are more and more common, it can be harder for admissions tutors and universities to assess the quality of candidates based on their grades alone. And, because candidates of similar quality are likely to have very similar references too, this places a lot of emphasis on the personal statement.

Simply put, the personal statement is your only real opportunity to stand out. The success of your university applications – and therefore to a large extent the direction of your whole future – is intimately related to, if not entirely dependent on, one 4000 character document. One document that you will never have written before, and will likely never have to write again.

This burden on the personal statement means that it has to accomplish a lot of different things all at once. For every course without interviews, the personal statement is your only opportunity to individuate yourself. It has to demonstrate that you are special and show why you are special, but it also has to conform with expectations of what a personal statement should look like. It has to be well written and show your abilities as a communicator, be infused with your personality but also formal in tone. It has to describe your achievements, skills and successes, but avoid becoming either a biography or a brag. You have to capture yourself, charmingly and characterfully but professionally and studiously, in 47 lines.

Writing a good personal statement, then, is no easy feat. It is best to get as much help and advice as you can, especially from people who themselves know the system and its requirements. It is worthwhile letting these people read over several drafts of your personal statement to ensure that it balances the document’s sometimes contradictory requirements with grace and poise.

Personal Statement Pro offers tailored services specifically designed to meet these needs. Our Editing service gives necessary expert advice and input, while our Writing service places the challenge of balancing a personal statement’s competing demands in the hands of an experienced professional. The aim of both services is to help you to submit a document that will impress admissions tutors and allow you to win a deserved place at the university of your choice. A document this important needs this level of care and attention.