Specialist Personal Statement Editing and Personal Statement Writing for those applying to read at Oxford or Cambridge, or for those applying to study Medicine or Law.

Applying to Oxbridge, Medicine or Law

Applications to Oxford and Cambridge, or for Medicine or Law are notoriously competitive. If you are applying to these universities or courses, the need to make yourself stand out is particularly strong. You will be competing with candidates who are likely to have three or more A* grades, great references and rich extracurricular backgrounds. Until you get to interview, all you have to distinguish yourself is your personal statement – and your personal statement is likely to form the basis for your interview.

The service offered by Personal Statement Pro could therefore make the difference between really impressing admissions tutors and blending into the mass of other excellent candidates.

How It Works

We’ll match your application with a specialist who knows the applications process intimately: Oxbridge graduates will edit your Oxbridge personal statement, Medical graduates will edit your Medical personal statement, and graduates in Law will edit your Law application. Our editors and writers will bring their personal experience and first-hand knowledge of the sometimes arcane entry requirements of these elite courses to their work on your statement, helping to tailor it specifically for your course and admissions tutors.

We charge a little more for editing or writing personal statements for Oxbridge, Medicine and Law because we recognise that applications for courses that only accept the top 2% of students, need additional time to prepare

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The competitiveness of these courses, and the fact that they interview applicants, make the personal statement if anything more important.

Choose the right package for you

Personal Statement Editing

Our Personal Statement Editing service is designed to improve your personal statement.

We ensure your writing is error free and appropriate in both style and tone.

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From £90

Personal Statement Writing

Our Personal Statement Writing service is intended for clients who don’t know where or how to start writing their personal statement, or don’t have time to produce it to the necessary high standard.

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From £150