How to Write a Personal Statement

The hardest thing about writing a personal statement is that hardly anyone really knows how it should be done, least of all the students who have to do the actual work of producing them. This guide will offer some pointers that should make the whole process less overwhelming.

Before you do anything else you should plan: think about why you want to study the course you are applying to and why you have picked the university you are applying to, and identify relevant material – books you may have read, extracurricular achievements, skills and enthusiasms you’ve developed as part of your schooling – that could be included. The key to good writing is often just good planning.

Now you are ready to start writing. Generally it is better to write in your natural voice: be clear and concise, and don’t try to use impressive polysyllables or obscure Elizabethan nouns. The purpose of your personal statement is to communicate, not to dazzle. Elegance and showiness are rarely the same thing, especially when it comes to prose.

 Make sure that you pay attention particularly to your introduction and conclusion. These should include, briefly, your motivation for wanting to do the course and your suitability for studying it. The introduction especially should describe what about you is special and impressive.

The bulk of your personal statement should be factual. The best way to be impressive is to show why you are impressive, rather than to tell the reader that you are – and the best way to show that you are impressive is to have written an impressive personal statement. A lucid and cogent description of your achievements which relates them to the larger themes of why you want to study your chosen course and why you would make a good student is exactly what admissions tutors are looking for.

Our final tip is to be very careful when looking for errors. Few things are more unimpressive than typos and grammatical mistakes. Luckily for you, we offer a comprehensive Editing service which guarantees to return you a perfect document.